Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you call in the event of sudden death?

In cases where someone has died suddenly and unexpectedly, you need to call emergency services right away. If there are not any emergency services available in your area, contact your local police or medical examiner’s office.

Who do you call in the event of expected death?

If you’re in a hospital, nursing home, or have obtained at home care for a terminally ill patient that just passed away, call your attending physician.

What qualifies as a Schedule 1 Contagious disease?

When tissue and bodily fluids carry a high risk of infection transmission, that is why the transportation of someone with a Schedule 1 contagious disease requires additional precautions. These diseases include anthrax, plague, rabies, smallpox, yellow fever, tuberculosis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and viral hemorrhagic fever.

What is the response time for a home death or nursing home?

Our drivers strive to reach a scene of sudden death in under 1 hour.

Do you transfer decedents with contagious diseases?

As with all of the decedents we transport, it is done with the utmost respect, no matter the circumstances surrounding the death. When transferring or removing potentially contaminated or diseased bodies, contain them as soon as possible to ensure the lowest exposure to the surrounding area. The container must be suitable to hold both the deceased and their bodily fluids.

Under the new Medical Examiners Rural Contract Guidelines, can Capital Transfer Services (CTS) do the call for our funeral home?

Yes. CTS is an approved vendor for the Rural Contract. Under the contract stipulations we are required to bill the OCME (Office of the Chief Medical Examiner) directly.

Do you operate out of Edmonton or Calgary?

We have a team in Edmonton and in Calgary. We can transfer from any city in Alberta.

Do you transfer on Holidays?

Yes, We transfer 365 days a Year.

If we need an ETA, are you able to provide that?

Yes, our drivers can call with an ETA. At the time the transfer is ordered, let our dispatchers know you need an ETA and that will be communicated to the drivers for you.

How far do you travel?

We have travelled to/from the Territories, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and many states in the US.

Are your Vehicles Marked?

Our Vehicles are unmarked and discreet. We do this so the service we are provided is unknown to onlookers.

Are your Drivers bonded?

Yes, our drivers are bonded

How many vehicles do you have on the road?

We currently have 11 vehicles on the fleet to be able to serve our client throughout the province.

How do your transfer specialists/Drivers dress?

Our Drivers dress in business attire with suit and tie.

Can my apprentice assist with transfers to help meet their course requirements?

This is absolutely no problem and we are happy to help. Call one of our dispatchers to see when we can best make this work for our staff and your apprentice.

Are you equipped and trained to deal with contagious diseases?

Yes, we have PPE (personal protection equipment), disinfectant and body bags. Our staff are trained in how to use the equipment and the different contagious diseases.